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Become an Archangel

       Be an Agent of Change in Our Community

Have you ever asked, what can I do to bridge the gap and ease the toll that Federal and state cutbacks are taking on the most vulnerable in our community?


We have a solution and your generosity can make a direct impact - you can give and help fill that desperate gap, you can consider becoming an Archangel. 


As an Archangel, your primary benefit is priceless: the satisfaction of knowing that you’re making a difference in the lives of your neighbors. Your magnanimous generosity will be recognized with two Angel tickets to each event, special “Archangel” acknowledgement at each event and on myriad program materials, opportunities to meet and talk to nationally known luminaries, and a gourmet dinner at The Mayflower following the final event of the season – all for $5,000, a portion of which may be tax-deductible. 


We hope that you’ll join our Archangel program and become a pillar of support for our beneficiaries – Susan B. Anthony Project, which helps area victims of domestic violence; Greenwoods Counseling Referrals, which provides mental health services and is a leader in the effort to prevent another Newtown-type mass murder; and New Milford Hospital, a cornerstone in providing health services for the community.