Annus Horribilus/Mirabilis

Dear All,

As Charles Dickens might say, 202 was a tale of two years.

One fraught with unprecedented destruction by the Grifter-in-Chief and his GOP supplicants, roiling racial unrest and a deadly pandemic. It has been, as Stephen Colbert dubbed it, the "longest year ever," a latter-day version of what, in 1992, Queen Elizabeth called her cataclysmic year “annus horribilus.” On the flip side, it was the best of times and will be heralded for its sweeping citizen engagement and activism as millions rose up to fight for social justice, a democracy in danger, a nation gripped by a health crisis — and, to defeat Donald Trump.

Even as we've been united in our singular mission to save the soul of our country, we’ve also struggled to stay connected in an era of social distancing. We’ve jockeyed to maintain friendships and sustain the relationships that give our lives meaning and joy. As the omnipresent specter of Covid-19 has forged our new normal, we still cling to what life was like before every social interaction morphed into a potential health risk. Now, with the advent of multiple vaccines, we thankfully can finally see beyond a virus that shapes our daily lives.

Tomorrow we’ll take stock of a year that, as painful and stressful as it was, had its share of good news, too. Among those blessings, we celebrate the ascension of our historic Democratic ticket to the White House and the promise of a renaissance grounded in humanity, integrity and leadership. I only hope you know how grateful I am for the role you played in the capstone achievements that redeemed 2020 as a wonderful year. Or, as Queen Elizabeth would say, our annus mirabilis. With every best wish for a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving.

Onward, Jane

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