Instant Karma Redux

Dear All, I’m steaming over the Tweeting Toddler squeezing his pal, the Israeli Prime Minister, to bar two US congresswomen from visiting Israel this weekend. Aside from ratcheting up his base-baiting smear campaign against Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, Trump’s teed up fresh fodder for his rally audience in New Hampshire tonight. I can already hear the chant: “Keep them out."

Yesterday’s whiplash headlines were equally dark: a groundswell of economic bad news pegged to the Dow’s worst day this year; rollbacks of the Endangered Species Act; a proposed Labor Department rule to allow employers to discriminate against LGBTQ and unmarried pregnant workers. 

Time to improve your mood with these quick takes:

If you haven’t done so already, here’s your chance to sign the hottest petition around: changing the name of the one-block stretch of Fifth Avenue on which Trump Tower sits to “President Barack H. Obama Avenue.” Okay, not a life or death issue. But, supremely satisfying to think of Trump’s new address as 725 President Barack H. Obama Ave. In just 24 hours, nearly 300,000 have signed. Read the Washington Post story here, then click on this link to sign the petition.

Next up, Congressman Steve King of Iowa who mused that humanity might not exist if not for rape and incest. I hope our response makes music — the sound of ka-ching as donations fly into the coffers of his Democratic challenger J.D. Scholten. Last fall, Scholten lost to King by only 3% of the vote, the closest margin for any of the nine-term congressman’s challengers. If King stands for re-election and the stars align, we could end the reign of the white supremacist. You can read about JD Scholten and chip into his campaign here.

Finally, your generosity to the children and families devastated by the recent ICE raids in Mississippi has touched hearts and lifted spirits. It’s also helpedbuy food and vitally needed supplies for many who are still too scared to leave their homes.

Dr. Regina Biggers, from the Scott County, MS School District, asked me to share this expression of appreciation: Dear Friends,On behalf of the children and staff of the Scott County School District, we send our most sincere thanks.  You have been a bright a light during a very emotional time for both our children and staff members.  It is truly heartwarming to know there are SO MANY amazingly good people in the world who want to help others.  Our teachers spend a great deal of their own money helping our children in need on a daily basis.  During times like this, it becomes almost impossible to meet the abundance of needs.  You all have made the impossible possible with your kind gifts and encouraging messages.  While we know this has greatly impacted our students, we hope to use this as an opportunity to fuel desires and build dreams for every boy and girl in our district.  THIS is the goal of the Scott County School District for every one of our children, not just during a time of need, but every single day.  We genuinely appreciate you reaching out to us and, and more than anything, we appreciate your love and compassion.  


Dr. Regina BiggersElementary Curriculum Coordinator

Scott County School District

If you would like to help, here’s how:

1. Purchase a (Visa, Amazon, Amex) gift card in ANY amount and send to either address below.

2. Purchase a copy of Her Right Foot and send to either address below.

And if your heart moves you, include a personal note or card and let these children know they are loved by you, supported by you and most importantly, that they are not alone. 

Donations can be sent to - NYC (local):

*I will aggregate all donations and send a package next week

Lilliana Vazquez

32 Union Square East,1008

New York, NY 10003

Donations can be sent directly to MISSISSIPPI: Dr. Regina Biggers Scott County School District 

110 Commerce LoopForest, MS 39074




Dear All, Your immediate response to help the Mississippi children has been breathtaking. Thanks to all.

Please note, an incorrect email was given for Dr. Regina Biggers who is organizing the donations. I rang the School District office and got the correct email:

I only wish you all could have spoken with Susan Cash, who works in the office. She said they’ve been “blow away” by the response to the plight of the children. Contributions from all over the country have “renewed (their) faith in humankind…the fact so many people care about our families means the world.” Susan also noted that parents who remain (and weren’t rounded up by ICE) are terrified to leave their homes. As a result, the school personnel are also taking them meals and supplies. “They are humbled by the attention,” said Susan, “If you saw how they live — most with no electricity or running water — yet grateful for what they have here, you wonder how bad it must have been for them to leave their home countries.”

By the time I hung up, I was in tears.



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