Moscow Mitch

Dear All, Donald Trump is often called the most powerful man in the world. But when it comes to wielding power that consistently stops Democrats cold, nobody does it better than the Enabler-in-Chief — Senate House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Trump’s savvier co-conspirator. Playing the levers of Capitol Hill power like a Kentucky fiddle, he recently was dubbed “Moscow Mitch” for refusing to allow a Senate vote on legislation to prevent Russian meddling in our elections. It’s only the latest in an endless string of incongruously colorful monikers, such as “Cocaine Mitch,” yoked to a pallid man who appears to have had a charismal bypass. No matter. McConnell embraces his sovereignty as the “Grim Reaper” of a teeming legislative graveyard, the last repository of bills sponsored by Democrats.

Most Democrats don’t just say McConnell’s name. They hiss it. 

On Saturday, at the annual Fancy Farm Picnic — the world’s largest one-day barbecue and Kentucky’s signature political event  — “Moscow Mitch” headlined the line-up of speakers. If you’re looking for that elusive sense of schadenfreude not felt since you saw SNL portray Mitch as a giant turtle snapping at a lettuce leaf, watch what happened when Mitch took the stage:

Mitch’s weekend only went downhill from there. After being mocked at Fancy Farm, he fell at home and fractured his shoulder. 

Today, Democrats are all over the airwaves leading the growing public outcry for McConnell to call back the Senate, which is currently on a month-long recess, to vote on a background check bill passed by the House in February. 

If you want to be part of that Senate recall, here’s what Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown suggests: Text the word “Checks” to 64433 which will connect you with Everytown for Gun Safety, a national advocacy organization. You’ll be prompted to give your zip code and, when you do, you’ll get a call which will brief you on how to make your voice heard — then, they'll connect you to the office of one of your senators. Make the call. The more incoming logged, the better. 

Finally, heartfelt thanks for your suggestions as to which down ballot races and candidates I should feature in this space.

Coincidentally, the candidate who pulled the most votes is on a mission to defeat “Moscow Mitch.” Granted, her quest is a very long shot. As odious as we think McConnell is, as mediocre as his approval ratings are, he plays dirty and he always wins. At least he has so far.

But, hey, why not chip in a few bucks to support Amy McGrath’s bid to send Mitch back to his old Kentucky home for good?

Donate to Amy McGrath here:



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