One-Stop Shopping to Ditch Mitch

Dear All, In a rare departure from the political madness, I’m about to go into my “Martha Stewart on speed” holiday frenzy. So I’ll be brief. First, your response to the “Ten Early Money Races” appeal I sent out a week ago, was overwhelming. Heartfelt thanks to all who opted to use the “one-stop shopping” link to donate to the curated list of candidates pivotal to holding the House and flipping the Senate. By popular demand, I’m re-sending the roster and convenient donor link below in PDF form. As evidenced by the far-flung responses that rolled in from all over the country, many of you forwarded the initiative on to your own lists of friends and family. (I confess that I got an adrenaline rush seeing donors from Florida, Ohio and Michigan.) Equally energizing was meeting four fabulous women vying to turn the Senate blue. Last week's New York event, spearheaded by Senator Chris Murphy, featured his colleagues Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire and Senator Tina Smith of Minnesota. While both are favored to win, neither of them has a lock on re-election. Senator Shaheen cited the possibility of Trump loyalist Corey Lewandowski jumping in to the race as well as the sobering fact that no Democratic senator has ever won a third term in New Hampshire. Senator Smith expressed concern about the Trump tsunami of millions being spent in her state which Hillary Clinton only won in 2016 by 1.5%. (Still, at this point, both women are favored to retain their seats.) The two other members of the “Fab Four” are making their first run for the Senate by challenging Trumpy incumbents and are key to picking up the seats necessary to giving Democrats the majority in the upper house. Sara Gideon, who’s taking on Maine Senator Susan Collins, dazzled with her earthy sensibility. As one friend who met Gideon for the first time put it, “As Maine’s attorney general, she knows how to work across the aisle and get things done. We need that more than ever.” Theresa Greenfield, who has a strong shot at sending Iowa Senator Joni Ernst into retirement, is in the race because “it’s personal” for her. When she was a 24-year old with two children under 2 years, her husband died in a work accident and social security “saved” her life. So she vows to fight privatizing Social Security and Medicare, key initiatives favored by Ernst. And for your own adrenaline rush, here are two from a spate of recent pieces upgrading Democratic fortunes on the Senate front. Catch up with “Democrats now have a real chance at winning the Senate" from CNN’s Chris Cillizza here and "Democrats will win back the Senate majority in 2020, all thanks to President Trump” from The Hill here.  Finally, as promised, here’s the PDF of the “Ten Early Money Races.” If you want to give a “little” money where it might make a difference, you’ll amplify your impact if you do it before December 31st. An infusion of cash to those I’ve profiled in my “Ten Early Money Races” could substantively change the contours of their campaigns and their chances of winning in November. The user friendly one-stop shopping link here makes it easy to have your contribution divided evenly among the 10 candidates — or, allows you to allocate as you wish. Every dollar can make a difference. Whether you give $50 or more, you’ll have a hand in impacting down ballot races — like that of former “farm kid” Theresa Greenfield shown below -- that will help determine life after Trump.  Onward, Jane

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